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Sandy Profile PicIn the spring of 2012, Sandy began imagining her next career.  To create a space where community matters most.  Where people gather and share handwork, friendship, support, laughter and beauty.  Twill has met and surpassed that dream. Sandy’s love of all things fiber was taken quite far, not only a yarn and fabric store, but a sheep farm to boot.  After 7 years raising Icelandic sheep, she and Michael gifted their flock this past spring to a local educational farm where they are thriving. Sandy teaches knitting, orders lots of beautiful things and can be a bit bossy about colors.
SusannaI'm Susanna (minervasowl on Ravelry).  Although an introvert by nature, since joining the Twill community, I have discovered that the fiber folk are my tribe.  Yarn makes me downright chatty.  I talk to strangers, offer advice and opinions, ask questions, make suggestions, and draw inspiration. There is always more to learn about different wool and fiber, properties of yarn, and techniques for spinning and dying, and I'm fascinated by the entire "sheep to shawl ... or sweater or scarf or sock" process. I tend to use patterns as a jumping off point.  I play with gauge, needle size, fiber type, and yarn weight.  Once you are comfortable with the basics and understand when the rules do and don't need to be followed and when, it is fun to improvise and adapt. As I learn, I share and teach.  I finally helped enough customers and organized enough yarn that Sandy asked me to join the staff and teach classes.  I love welcoming new knitters and helping more experienced knitters learn a new technique or tackle a challenging project outside their comfort zone.  Let's start a knitting adventure together!
Hello! I'm Mercedes: career sock knitter, collector of lipstick, and lace enthusiast. I first picked up a pair of knitting needles four years ago, when I was a junior in high school and needed a productive hobby. I experienced much of my formative knitting in isolation. I insisted that I could not be taught and instead scrapped together a knitting education from various books and visual tutorials. I joined the Twill community in 2016 after I chanced upon Sandy's Learn to Knit group of Pine Hill mothers at the Hilltop Cafe. Despite being neither a new knitter nor a mom, I greatly enjoyed spending time with the group and passing on knowledge here and there. I must have made a good impression--when Twill moved from Nashua to Milford, Sandy asked if I would teach the Learn to Knit classes. You can find me at the shop on Thursdays and Saturdays, and when I'm not there, I work behind the scenes, writing newsletters and maintaining the website.  

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